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Entry #51

Bloody Hell, it's 2012 already!

2012-01-03 16:49:29 by AurumOnline

Well, so much for uploading more tracks and starting a webcomic, huh?

I could make it an additional (albeit late) New Year's Resolution to be more creative, right?
Anyway, I can kick start the new year with my first track in a long time, a chiptune rendition of Foo Fighter's "Rope":
Chiptune: Rope by Foo Fighters

Oh, and I release that after not logging in for several months I've missed out on a half-dozen or so oppurtunities to share my work- I've been sent messages from people asking permission to use my tracks in their projects, and in my absence have gone ahead and found other tracks to use as I wasn't around to give my green light- If you're reading this guys, The Creative Commons licence is there for a reason! Use my tracks by all means! Just let me know you have, I'd never say "No" to a project! :D

Happy Late 2012 boys and girls :)


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