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AurumOnline's News

Posted by AurumOnline - January 3rd, 2012

Well, so much for uploading more tracks and starting a webcomic, huh?

I could make it an additional (albeit late) New Year's Resolution to be more creative, right?
Anyway, I can kick start the new year with my first track in a long time, a chiptune rendition of Foo Fighter's "Rope":
Chiptune: Rope by Foo Fighters

Oh, and I release that after not logging in for several months I've missed out on a half-dozen or so oppurtunities to share my work- I've been sent messages from people asking permission to use my tracks in their projects, and in my absence have gone ahead and found other tracks to use as I wasn't around to give my green light- If you're reading this guys, The Creative Commons licence is there for a reason! Use my tracks by all means! Just let me know you have, I'd never say "No" to a project! :D

Happy Late 2012 boys and girls :)

Posted by AurumOnline - May 15th, 2011

OK, I've got this track, it's just under two and a half mins long, has lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, and some chorus effects... just needs drums and mastering/editing now.

Yes, I sound like an idiot, but I never usually spend this much time on a musical idea. I'm trying to be a bit more serious this time. I just have one problem, I usually end up sucking at creating the drum sections of a track, scrapping my drums and using some pre-made loops.

Just going to really try and make something worthwhile this time...

And when it's done, I hope it gets featured somewhere. If not. Well, F you interwebs :)

New Track. Nearly. Should be good...

Posted by AurumOnline - May 1st, 2011


Might upload something soon.

Posted by AurumOnline - April 2nd, 2011

If there was an actual cure for it by now, we would all have known about it, because someone would have sold out.

But at the moment, that doesnt matter to me. I have a Cold- Sore throat, runny/blocked nose, sneezing, the works. I wondered if there were any over-looked home remedies online, and surprisingly...

I actually found one :D

I really DO feel better already :)

A Cure for the Common Cold

Posted by AurumOnline - March 23rd, 2011

I'm amazed... over the last couple of months several people have been asking to use my music tracks in their original content...

We have a couple of games, an independant short film... and thats about it at the moment, but that's the most my work has ever featured in, and all at once.

Feels Good Man :)

Original Content

Posted by AurumOnline - February 10th, 2011

I swear to God, If I allow myself to punch any more trees, I'm going to go and hug the first creeper I come across, because this game is just too goddamn addictive :P

Too Much Minecraft

Posted by AurumOnline - December 25th, 2010

Merry Christmas Newgrounds. I Lesbians You

Have a Very Merry Sexy Christmas (free bonus image)

Posted by AurumOnline - December 5th, 2010

There's not really much else to say, but I think KEVIN BACON may have something to do with it.



Posted by AurumOnline - October 31st, 2010

Boo. :)

Posted by AurumOnline - October 24th, 2010

"That Damned Wasteland". The name I have now decided on for a long over-do project I've wanted to get on with for... like, ages. Maybe a year or so. God Knows tbh, but hey, I think I may actually start it now :)

I've always wondered what kind of art direction I should go in, and I've looked at other people's drawing styles, and thought to myself "that looks so simple and stylish, I wish I could draw like that!".
I see now that I shouldn't think like that, as everyone has individual styles, and whatever I make will truly reveal my own style. Might not be the best, but I hope it's not the worst. Whatever :P

I'll start off with just posting some random quote from what I guess might be the first strip.

"Ok, let's keep this simple. This is a nice little planet named Earth. Used to be a nice place, but around, oh, let's say 2100, there was a war. Something to do with some evil corporation taking on the rest of the world. Aparently.
Not sure what happened, but lots of things happened, things blew up, people died, yadda yadda, now the Earth isn't so green or pretty anymore. People still live there of course, but it's a hard life. But possibly more exciting than it would have been otherwise. Let's see now...

If you can't guess from that nugget of textual goodness, it's going to be a laidback comic with some comical stylings. Or that's what I'm aiming for. Might as well call it Indie as well, people like Indie comics, and I want it to be popular among those damned quasi-intellectuals. ;)